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** In response the the COVID -19 pandemic, the acupuncture program at MIT is temporarily closed. The clinic is open for Telehealth.  

During this unprecedented pandemic, our thoughts and best wishes are with all of you and your families.  We hope you are safe and we want you to know that we think of you often and miss seeing you in our office at Community Wellness.  

While closing the practice inside MIT medical center @ Community Wellness was a necessary step to protect community health, we know that it has left some of you without the care and support that you need to deal with ongoing health challenges.    To that end, we are excited to announce that acupuncture telehealth visits are now available through our private office.  

What is Telehealth?

Our telehealth program is a 30 minute virtual appointment using a HIPPA secure video conferencing service (google meet for healthcare). We will discuss your case in detail including a full review of symptoms(including tongue diagnosis) and then counsel you on nutrition, acupressure home care, qi gong exercises, herbal therapies and other lifestyle modifications. Some patients are ordering press tacks (tiny acupuncture needles) and cupping sets on Amazon so that we can guide you through home treatments.  Treatment recommendations are customized to your individual needs. 

Patients report these telehealth visits to be very useful, relaxing and a great way to increase social unity while maintaining physical distance. 

Is it covered by insurance?

Yes, In response to COVID -19, Blue Cross of MA broadened coverage telehealth visits on March 20th. Acupuncturists were included in this coverage. The cost to you is your typical $10 copay. Please contact us prior to your first session to confirm coverage by text 617-297-8549 or email.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Text “telehealth” to 617-297-8549 with your full name and date of birth or schedule online through the online widget below. 

We hope to hear from you soon.  Please be safe and stay home!